Abigail’s Story


I fell out of a window at work in 1996 and for 15 months was left with severe back pain. I was told repeatedly that I had

sciatica and was prescribed with stronger pain killers.

My husband took me to see a chiropractor in the hope that she could ease my pain, but I think this only masked the

problem. In late October 1997, I lost all feeling from the waist down but still carried on working and I had lost all faith in

the medical profession. My work friends in January 1998 told me to go back to the doctor’s to seek medical advice. He

then carried out a pin prick test, phoned the hospital and then wrote me a letter and told me to go home and sort out

my children who were little at the time and then to go to Northampton General Hospital.

I was the given an MRI Scan and told that I was not allowed to move of the bed.

I was operated on the next morning but cannot really remember much else about it. I know my husband was told that

the first thing was to save my life but that I could be paralysed or die in theatre. 

When I came round I began to wiggle my toes but as told that due to the severity of my accident my nerves had been

severed and that they would not regrow.

I have trouble with my bladder and bowel now.

I only found out on Friday the name of my condition after another MRI scan and now know my spine is degenerating

between L4/L5 and T11/T12.

I was really frightened to open the results as I was convinced I was going to be in a wheelchair.




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