Links to Other Organisations

Below we have tried to give a variety of web sites, that deal with Cauda Equina

Syndrome. By no means is this all of them,  if you Google for Cauda Equina Syndrome,

both web sites and images, you will find many more as well as legal representation for

some countries. Even though this site deals mainly with the basics of the disorder, you

will find as you peruse through the multitude of information on other sites, it tends to be

repetative. Yes we have done the same in areas but we cannot stress hard enough that

the RED FLAGS are the most critical that Emergency Room Doctors, General

Practioners and even Surgeons and Specialist can overlook. We have tried to show that

this hideous and debilitating disorder will cause a huge change in anyone's life who

suffers from it or knows of someone with the disorder.

If you are a member of Facebook or want to join, then go to "ACC Exposed".

This group has some of the most h aorrific stories of problems they have had with ACC Case Managers,

and how those Case Managers make medical decisions on a person's incapacity with

NO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE. Also most of the so called Doctors,Specialists etc.,

are 90% of them are on the ACC gravy train.

There are many more groups and support services around so search for them, as it will help.

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