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Well, how does one introduce a Syndrome, that is not a disease or a viral bacterial infection but a rare disorder? 

Cauda Equina Syndrome changes lives, friendships, relationships, and marriages.  It affects the whole 

family, friends,and work colleagues. The problem is before now veryone I know believed it might be 

contagious, deadly, how come I have it got and they have never heard of it. Simple it is a rare disorder. 

There are over 7000 rare diseases or disorders registered with N.O.R.D., EURORDIS, NZORD, CES

FOUNDATION, CESSG and CESUK, worldwide and there is more appearing every 

day,  of which CES (Cauda Equina Syndrome) is mentioned as of 2019. We take that one 

step further, and, on the survey, and statistics released by the Medical Associations we have listed in 

(Section Four of the Book )– it ranks high up in the list  of surgical misadventures registered.  

Now put that into a global sense in 2017 on the world census there were 7.53 billion people. Cauda 

Equina Syndrome on a global scale taking into account it is on the list out of over 7000 registered 

rare diseases appprox, the figures we have Cauda Equina Syndrome affects 1 in 38,306,112

  people globally, and comes from 15 out of 20 surgical misadventures which means that there are 

in 28,306,112 people who suffer from this hideous disorder, remember this is globally, in New Zealand the 

population is 5,000,000 as at May 2020.

There are 17 registered sufferers here that means 1 in every 294,657 is a CES sufferer maximum  pay-out for 

sufferer is $135,000, but that is only if you are 80%+ incapacitated as per AMA 4 under The  

Accident Compensation Corporation. 

To continue the United Kingdom  50%+ incapacitated or whole body affected as per AMA 4 has the

most sufferers of CES registered globally with record pay-outs in the millions the latest as at 

March 2019 was €7,567,967 (Euro).  The population of 66,040,000 in 2017, the number of registered

 CES persons is 6,897, that means 1 in every 9,575 people suffer from Cauda Equina Syndrome. I show these

figures, not only how rare this disorder is but also the inconsistencies in the retribution and compensation against 

hospitals and insurers as well as surgeons, concerning this disease.

Unfortunately, the American Medical Association was hesitant about releasing figures but through  

the American legal system and Legal Societies, John Hopkins Hospital & Medicine and Mayo Clinic, as 

well as “EURODIS” organisation figures were made available, there are approx. 21,786 cases awaiting court action

for CES in 27 states. The figures that you see here are as close as one can get to the truth of this disorder. In the 

USA 327.2 million (2018), 1 in 76,983 approx. suffer from CES. The ensuing Parts and Chapters (within the book) are  to 

show what this disease is about and how it as stated rips families apart. I will not go into the full statistics here but you will 

see that Your local doctor, in all honesty, has probably never heard of CES or know anything about it.  The worst part is 

most Orthopaedic surgeons unless specialising on the spine and its various disorders are in the same category.

They either know nothing or never heard of it or know a little but not enough to recognise the RED FLAGS  which are the 

first signs of this disorder and should not be ignored.  The author is a classic example of 11 months of trips back and forth to

the emergency department before surgeon decided to do an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and found I had 

problems with L4, L5, and S1.


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