Thank You All

 Well here goes as there are so many of you to thank.  If I miss anyone, I am truly sorry

as I have had so much support it is hard to remember you all. 

You have my deepest and sincere thanks.  Firstly, to my Orthopaedic Surgeon, he has been so 

supportive and his input and guidance has been invaluable. He is not only a very good spine surgeon but a

sympathetic and concerned person about the welfare of his patients. I would never have been where I am 

today without his help and support.  A big thankyou to my Urology Surgeon who helped me overcome the 

intense pain and the problem of urinating all over myself without knowing it was happening which

is extremely embarrassing when in public. 

 Again, I would not be in the frame of mind or health without their help. My legal Advocate the go to man 

Mathew who has bent over backward to make sure that I received everything I am entitled to from 

the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) here in New Zealand.

The hours, letters, emails, and telephone calls he has had to do I am extremely grateful. Mathew has made

 my life a little easier, to say the least.  To My fellow, Cauda Equina Syndrome sufferers Westerley, Kimberley, Robyn, 

Helen, Andrea, Gabo and those of the Cauda Equina Syndrome Support Group (CESSG). 

The Cauda Equina Foundation in Florida, The United Kingdom Group and Australia. As well as all the organisations who 

helped and contributed to the survey. Your assisstance is greatly appreciated and my heart felt thanks for your 

commitment.  In 71% of cases presenting with lower back pain CES has been overlooked and the

RED FLAGS  have gone undetected.        




An 'MRI' is the only sure way to detect Cauda Equina Syndrome

To the 13,187, globally who supported our survey, the response was just unbelievable when you consider we only sent out 

an initial 1,500 and they passed on to others and so it goes. That help is just so hard to find the words  to thankyou all. To

 my dear departed Friend Dan, who so dilligently made sure the statistics were checked and re-checked,

dedicated the first page to you my dear departed friend.   To all extended family  members who have been an absolute 

asset in supporting my family, and especially Debra through my eighty trips to the  hospital and my down

periods. To Feebee and Kevin whose friendship is a treasured possession. To the Groovy Housewives and 

their desperate husbands, partners, etc. I also thank you all for your support, love, and friendship. My biggest 

thankyou and dedication goes to my family, Nicholas, Chloe, Caleb, Addison, I love you all. But most of all my wife Debra

who for four years has been through so much and this lady, my soul mate, much more than a wife should have to endure. 

She is there to pick me up when I am down and equally, tries to make sure that the house is clean and tidy and family are 

all safe and well as well as working days  a week to keep us going. My love and confidence in her will never wain and

nearly 30 years of marriage this has never dimmed.

Thank you all so much, God Bless, your friendship it is so treasured.




Cauda Equina Syndrome Sufferers Global Support Group